Thursday, 19 July 2012

Fantastic Four Re-imagined

Here is my re-imagining of the Fantastic Four of the year 2099.

" In the near future the cosmic radiation that gave the Fantastic Four their powers begins breaking down the cells in their bodies. To save their lives Reed Richards devises a way to transplant Johnny, Sue, Ben and his own brain into robotic bodies. The robotic bodies are designed to mimic each of the Fantastic Four's unique abilities. "

From left to right: J-bot (Johnny Storm), R-bot (Reed Richards), S-bot (Sue Richards), B-bot (Ben Grimm)

J-bot  (Johnny Storm) 
Rocket boosters give him flight capability. Flame throwers generate streams/balls of fire.

R-bot (Reed Richards) 
Extendable mechanical limbs.

 S-bot (Sue Richards)
Cloaking technology, giving the appearance of invisibility.  

B-bot (Ben Grimm) 
Advanced armoured outer shell, making him relatively invulnerable. Advanced cybernetics/hydraulics give him colossal strength. 

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