Saturday, 21 July 2012

Doctor Octopus Redesign

This was my entry for Superhero of the Month's recent Doctor Octopus redesign contest. 

It's actually more of a re-imagining than a redesign. I wanted to give Doctor Octopus a more inhuman look, so I imagined that he received major injuries in the explosion that created him; in particular losing his legs, scorching his lungs and receiving serious burns to his face and arms.This version of Doctor Octopus replaces his legs with the mechanical tentacles and utilizes breathing apparatus, making his hi-tech costume a kind of life support system.

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Fantastic Four Re-imagined

Here is my re-imagining of the Fantastic Four of the year 2099.

" In the near future the cosmic radiation that gave the Fantastic Four their powers begins breaking down the cells in their bodies. To save their lives Reed Richards devises a way to transplant Johnny, Sue, Ben and his own brain into robotic bodies. The robotic bodies are designed to mimic each of the Fantastic Four's unique abilities. "

From left to right: J-bot (Johnny Storm), R-bot (Reed Richards), S-bot (Sue Richards), B-bot (Ben Grimm)

J-bot  (Johnny Storm) 
Rocket boosters give him flight capability. Flame throwers generate streams/balls of fire.

R-bot (Reed Richards) 
Extendable mechanical limbs.

 S-bot (Sue Richards)
Cloaking technology, giving the appearance of invisibility.  

B-bot (Ben Grimm) 
Advanced armoured outer shell, making him relatively invulnerable. Advanced cybernetics/hydraulics give him colossal strength.