Sunday, 25 September 2011

Captain Flintlox

CAPTAIN FLINTLOX- Intergalactic Pirate, Scourge of the Seven Solar Systems.

Created for the Character Creation Contest at We were asked to "Create a unique and original character (human, alien, creature, monster, real, unreal, etc.) based on Pirates (buccaneers, privateers, New World, Old World, Somalian, barely alive, undead, etc.)"


This is an amalgamation of Superboy and Robin I did for a recent Amalgam Contest over on

The Crimson Clown

A recent Remake/Remodel over on Whitechapel asked artists to redesign the character, The Crimson Clown. Here's what I came up with:

My artwork was also featured on
Here's the info we were given on the original character:

"The Crimson Clown is Delton Prouse, a wealthy young bachelor, able veteran of The Great War, explorer, and all around adventurer who functions as a modern Robin Hood, stealing from the unjustly rich and returning money to helpless victims or worthy organizations. He dresses in a mostly white clown suit and uses a tear gas pistol (later this became a "gas gun")."

Dire Wolf

This was a character design I did a little while ago for spiderbat87, a user, for his fan fiction story.

His brief was:
"My fan-fic is about a antihero, his name will ether be Dire Wolf, Grey Wolf or just The Wolf. He was lost in the wilderness of eastern Europe as a baby and was raised by a pack of Wolves. He has no superpowers but he is peak human and has animal agility and senses from being raised in the wild.
Dont make him to animalistic like say Wolverine or Sabertooth, I want him more like Catman or Black Panther who he is based on. Make his costume a dark greyish colour and also make him have claws and carrying some type of daggers."

Illustration Friday- "Ferocious"

Thursday, 8 September 2011

Illustration Friday- "Mysterious"

A little late this week, but here it is anyway...

"In the dead of night, a mysterious figure moved between the trees..."